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5 Tips to Design a Study Space that Promotes Learning

The Current Design of Houses

Design and decoration of a house is usually done by adults who plan for their home to be a place where they can come back to from a hard day at work and relax. All planning of houses are done with relaxation and entertainment in mind. The living room is for entertainment or family time, the kitchen is for cooking of course and the bedroom is for relaxing and sleeping. For a space strapped urban household having these spaces is usually a luxury. There is no more room. When a family is ready to welcome a new guest they will design the place to avoid sharp objects and make other cosmetic changes so that a child does not get hurt. But that’s about the only change that happens.

It is very rare to find a family designing a home for studies. That is because as pointed out above the adults are only planning for relaxation or entertainment – from their point of view. Although almost all parents have resigned to the fact that most schools hardly teach students and extra tuitions have become necessary for students to learn something. It never occurs to the parents that learning can happen at home. The only time learning at home becomes a necessity is when there is an exam. At that time the child is going to school, the tuition class, and studying at home. However, at that time there is no place to study and the child has to adjust in the bedroom or in the living room. The lucky ones who have their own room can sit down alone, but that’s usually the only advantage.

Planning a House for studies

Houses should be planned in a way that you could include a distraction – free zone to create a perfect learning environment. Study area influences student’s academic performance more than any other factor. Creating a distraction-free zone is nothing but avoiding any kind of entertainment like television, smart phones, access to internet or gaming. Students getting addicted to technology have become a major reason for their distraction from academics.

The University of Hawaii once conducted a study where they asked students to turn around their desks towards wall and label their desk as study table. They insisted that students get all distractions including video games, television and other devices away from that space i.e. the desk and the wall. Students who carried out the instructions promptly had a subsequent increase in grades.

Tips for a study space that promotes Learning

There are diverse methods that you can practice to help students from getting distracted easily. Applying these rules can actually deliver good results.

1) Inculcate some organizational skills in study area

Home study area should be always neat and tidy, because it’s hard to focus in an unorganized area. Every learning material should be organized in particular pattern with a daily planner to complete assignments or to meet the child’s goals.

2) Choose an area stacked with books

A place stacked with books will develop an interest towards studying and also can enhance your child’s knowledge in general, as it is rightly said, “we become the book we read”. Maybe a loft designed especially for books with a study table and lamp.

3) Unclutter desktop of games 

Create a different login ID on the computer that does not have games or other distractions installed. So when the child has to use the computer he or she is not tempted to play a game or watch that one particular episode of his favourite tele-serial.

Education App

4) Websites that promote study

Get membership on sites that promote lessons related to your child’s syllabus. This is more productive than installing a game or an app that keeps children busy for no reasons.

5) Studying where the child feels uncomfortable

This is method used and promoted by certain educationists who believe that since the examination is going to happen in a place which is absolutely new for the student it is better not to get accustomed to a study place. They recommend that the student choose a new place every day rather than sitting in the same place and following the same routine. A good change can definitely bring positive results. This will help in being prepared to take the exam at any place without being uncomfortable in a new environment. How the child feels sitting in an exam hall is crucial because you don’t want to ruin all your child’s efforts in the end just because they were less comfortable in the place allotted to them.

Apart from these specified study room arrangement, parents should avoid watching their favorite shows in front of the child or at least use earphones to avoid diverting the kid’s attention. A strong home study environment is not an impossible task if you take the necessary steps.

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