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5 Tips To Get Most Out Of Your Study Time

To succeed in your exams or life in general you have to stay self-motivated at all times. School, college or coaching classes help you learn, but you will have to dedicate enough time towards studying on your own.

“Practice makes perfect” they say, but this practice has to come from you. Thus, you need to encourage yourself to stick to your goals and study every day. Given below are some insights as to keep you going everyday:

1. Make realistic goals.

Decide how much of the syllabus you are going to cover for a particular day and if the portion is big then break it down into smaller parts. At the same time have a ready time table for the whole week or 10 days in advance.

2. Do not over commit yourself

Be mindful of your commitments. there are other commitments that you need to be prepared for which may present themselves suddenly and without notice. Your regular commitments will include self-study commitments, weekly tests in school or term exams.

3. Reward yourself while studying

All work and no play will leave you frustrated and jaded. A little bit of break is well deserved after a long and engaging study session. You can use gaming or your favorite past time as a reward. Do reward yourself after a proper session of study and you will see its positive effects immediately. Post your break; your mind will seem fresh and ready to take newer challenges.

4. Make notes, flash cards and bullet points

Do smart work and not just hard work. Taking notes of important points post reading a lengthy chapter helps revision easy afterwards. Similarly, studying with the help of flash cards and bullet points makes the whole process interesting as well as useful.

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5. Competition and Accountability

Interact with your peers and friends about studies and let them help you be accountable by making sure you have finished your goals. Also keep the competitive oil burning inside you. Discussing your study goals and test scores with fellow students will give you a reality check as to where you stand in a crowd. Healthy competition always acts as a big motivating factor after all.

To conclude, you got to develop studies as a game. Make a point system, include rewards and take it to the next level so that you keep boredom at bay and study with all your interest.

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