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Are you ruining your child’s career and life?

Parenting is no easy job and every parent would agree with that! You will never know what`s in store unless you become a parent yourself and then it`s all on-the-job training. Raising your child in the right way will make sure that he is entitled to a “good life” in future. However, given below is a list of things that parents do (knowingly or unknowingly), that may ruin their child`s self-esteem and future life.


There is nothing worse that comparing your child with other siblings, cousins, friends or even your neighbor`s child! Whether the comparison is done over grades or behavior, it always brings down your kid`s self-esteem to an extent that they start seeing themselves as incapable and worthless.


Putting too much pressure on your children over academic excellence can be harmful for their mental peace. It is not wrong to motivate and push your kids to get good grades but beware as to not cross that thin line between disciplined encouragement and excessive pressure. Parents need to realize their child`s capability and accordingly expect results from them.


Imposing your ideologies and career choices on you children and not catering to their interests does a lot of long-term damage on their careers. Parents usually think that they can take the right career choice for their kids without giving them the opportunity to explore their own choices. Again, there is a thin line between guiding them and imposing your ideas on them.


Constantly criticizing your children`s habits, grades or their lifestyle in general does no good in improving your child. This kind of attitude from the parent might instill “inferiority-complex” in the child. It is very important to praise your child from time to time and to encourage him/her to be a better human being.


Parents can get over-protective about their children and keep them completely shielded from adult responsibilities and realities. While such parents might think that they are doing the best for their child, this might prove to be a great set-back for their child`s future independence. It is important to make your child independent while simultaneously watching-over them!


Some parents tend to get too judgmental about their child. Judging your kid`s capabilities on their report card and demeaning their efforts can be detrimental to their over-all development. Parents should also never be judgmental about the career choice of their children as well.

Authoritarian rules

Setting too many rules and a strict upbringing does more harm than good to your child. Instilling fear in your child should not be the way of parenting at any age. Freedom of expression and healthy discussions should be the way to go.

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