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How to Become an MBBS Doctor in India

There is only 1 doctor every 1,700 people in India, at the same time the WHO requires a ratio of 1 Doctor for every 1000 citizens. Due to the enormous amount of population and the stressful professions the quantity of doctors required in order to cover enough ground will end up being huge by 2020. Even though, People might think of medicine as a prestigious career, the process of getting into a MBBS course may be arduous. However, if you are determined to work hard, it is not impossible to become an MBBS doctor in India is not an impossible dream to accomplish.

Regarding MBBS

MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery which is an undergraduate course. The program consists of nine semesters and one year of mandatory internships. Five years and a half is the total duration of the complete course. So, if you are eager to help people and have a scientific mind, this is the right job for you. You take the pre-clinical content in the first phase which lasts one year. The subjects in this first phase are Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry. On the second phase which lasts one year and a half, you will learn Pharmacology, Pathology, Micro-Biology and Forensic Medicine which are the para-clinical subjects. Phase three is divided in two parts that last one year. In the first part you will learn Ophthalmology, Preventive and Social Medicine, and ETN Medicine. And in the second half you will study clinical subjects like Gynecology, Anesthesia, Pediatrics, Radiology, and Dermatology.

Steps to follow in order to become a Doctor

 The first step to become a Doctor is to finish Higher Secondary (School) Certificate (HSC) or 10+2 tests succeeding at least 60 percent on the grade in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in the science stream. The next step is to get through the medical entrance exams after 12th. These exams are highly competitive and are held at a national and state level. They are usually held in the months of May and June.

However, the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET-UG) replaced the AIPMT and all rest of individual MBBS exams that were usually conducted by states or colleges. The AIPMT tests that were applied in May and July were considered as NEET Phase I and II respectfully. The other medical entrance exams include AIIMS and JIPMER.

Preparing for Medical Entrance Exams

 According to the available data, out of 11,38,890 students that appeared for NEET examination, conducted in 10 different languages across 1,921 exam centres including 1,522 NRIs, 480 OCIs, 70 PIOs and 613 foreign students, nearly 6.11 lakh candidates have cleared the exam and qualified. There are 53,330 seats of MBBS in India. If you are looking to applying for getting admitted in The MBBS program, you should start your educational preparation right after completing class X. It is highly recommended to hire a private tutor or join coaching classes.

 Cost of becoming a Doctor in India

Finally, MBBS courses from a private college costs around Rs.15-40 lakhs. The management quota seats will come down to Rs.55-80 lakhs. MBBS courses from the government at a highly subsided cost range from Rs.25,000-75,000. So, considering that the government only offers about 25,000 seats, it is extremely importing for you to prepare very well before going through an entrance exam in any type of course that you decide to take in order to become an MBBS Doctor.


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