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CBSE 9 and 10th video lectures

About the examination: The Central board of Secondary Education is one of the highly popular all India board examination conducted to test the skill and the learning prospective of the students. Although regular assessments are conducted which are integrated in to the final result, the main emanation carries the highest percentage of syllabus and is conducted in the months of March and April. All subjects are offered in this examination and the paper is purely subjective type.


Eligibility criteria- The candidate should be pursuing full time course and has been successfully promoted to appear in this examination is the basic criteria of this examination. There is no such reservation section available for this exam.


Features of the video lectures

  • Subjects covered: All
  • Genre: Basic School level examination
  • Detailed explanation of concepts in compliance with the syllabus standards.
  • Rigorous testing methodologies implemented during the given lecture
  • Lectures delivered by expert specialists
  • Problem solving strategies using better approaches
  • Concept clarity enhanced with effective memory building strategies for the same
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