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How CBSE Board papers are checked?


CBSE is known for its amazing educational system. With a high-standard plus high-quality paper checking system, some elements and hacks still lurk in the system. So, if you are looking out for CBSE board checking patterns, you have stumbled upon the right place!

Timeframe (for each paper and each answer)

The paper is usually of 100 marks and has been divided into various sections. Solving the MCQs portions should take about 15-20 minutes. You should attempt each short question in 2-3 minutes (provided you have good speed) and then reserve the remainder of the time for the long questions portion.

Marking Scheme

The examiners are given a marking scheme which they are supposed to follow. Conversely, students think that appropriate portrayal of the answer sheet (everything is written entirely wrong but beautified) will assist you with scoring admirably! It is another misguided judgment among CBSE students about the CBSE board checking pattern.

More Words doesn’t mean more Marks

For the most part, students believe that if a term is asked in the board exam at that point, we should write a lot about that term. Along these lines, students begin composing everything that they think about the term. They surmise that written work with the highest number of words will get them more marks, which isn’t valid. Students will get marks if they have included essential focuses in their answer.

Repeating Questions will never get you more marks

An examiner is not blind. If he spots out what are trying to do, he may end up giving you even lower than you deserve. Don’t repeat the answers to the same questions over and over; it would only create a wrong impression if caught. Honestly attempt all the answers to questions, without repetitions.


Don’t fret so much about the outcome. If you are not happy with your CBSE results, then students can apply for marks confirmation process after outcome affirmation. Moreover, if the rechecking doesn’t make any difference either, then consider it back luck and move on. Plus, don’t just relay on CBSE board checking patterns, rely on your hard work!

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