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CBSE unveils new examination format for classes VI to IX

From 2009, the CBSE has been following the system of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), but now, it has formally scrapped this system and it will be replaced by a new format from the academic year 2017-18. This new format is called Uniform System of Assessment, Examination and Report Card. The aim is to standardize teaching and evaluation across schools.

All students from class VI will now be part of this system and the CBSE template will be followed by the schools. Even the report card will have the CBSE logo. Along with reintroduction of mandatory standard X examination, this is another attempt by the CBSE to bring about uniformity in the affiliated schools.

One of the reasons behind imposition of standardization is the problems due to schools following different standards and migrating students facing difficulties.

Our Take:

From 300 plus schools in 1960s, the CBSE now has 16,000 plus schools under its umbrella and standardization for the crucial years of class VI to class IX is necessary as these are the formative years for the students. If the student changes the school then he/she should not face a completely different approach in a new school. Plus, the students should be gradually prepared for the examinations in advanced years. Considering all these objectives, the CBSE’s step towards standardization appears logical. However, its implementation is going to begin from 2017-18 so it will be interesting to watch how the new system unfolds.

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