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How to Crack IIT JEE Advanced in 60 days?

Just 60 days left for JEE Advanced 2018 and students must be thinking about IIT JEE preparation. How should I revise in last 2 months of the examination? Which notes should I prefer first so that I can do a complete revision until the exam? Here are a few successful tips that will definitely help you to crack IIT JEE Advanced in 60 days and will help get rid of the exam fear and depression as well.

Start Getting Serious and get rid of lethargy

It is a very important to get serious if you want to achieve your target after setting IIT JEE preparation. goals. During this period always, set short-term goals, say for 1-day and put in your best to achieve them which will not only help you in focusing the study but will also streamline your efforts and you will be able to do a robust job of preparation. Always remind yourself to never postpone your study plan to the next day.

Study and Practice, Repeat

You always have to remember that ‘Practice makes a man perfect.’ After practicing, you get an advantage of developing thinking speed. You start thinking faster and quicker and thus you’ll start solving the difficult problems in a few minutes. Start practicing at least 50-80 numerical problems daily and it will be the best thing if you solve the previous year JEE Advanced paper simultaneously. Analyze your previous day’s mistakes and try to overcome these on the next day.

Focus on Weaker Sections after Solving Previous Years’ Papers –

Solving the previous years’ papers will give get an idea of the question paper pattern and it will also help you in analyzing your weaker areas. It will also help you identify the problematic areas that you should start addressing as early as possible. You should focus more on solving and practicing on your weaknesses during IIT JEE preparation.. This will boost-up your preparations.  It is also advised that you should refer to at least last 5 years’ question papers to make a better judgment of the difficulty level.

Design Your Study Plan Subject-Wise –

Each student has his own strengths and weaknesses. So identify your strong/ weak points and allot less/more time to each subject accordingly. Also, follow the JEE Advanced 2018 Study Plan for last 2 months regularly. Since a majority of the time will go in the preparation of your board exams from January, focus first on the topics which are common to both the exams that could help you finish some chapters quickly.

Make Short Notes for Your Reference –

Making your own notes/pointers will help you in doing the last-minute revision. Note one thing preparing the short notes that always note down your understanding of the topics you have studied, and it should be to-the-point. Also, you should make a list of all formulae separately for prompt and easy reference during IIT JEE preparation. Your short notes during the last few weeks will increase your confidence level higher by a few notches and reduce pressure as well.

Take Enough Breaks –

Relaxation of your brain and your body is very crucial in maximizing your productivity. Studying for JEE Advanced 2018 doesn’t mean that you can never enjoy. Always take the much-needed breaks in between your studies during IIT JEE preparation. Go for short walks, listen to music or do any interesting thing by which you get more pleasure. Don’t indulge in excessive break time, else it will break your concentration and will increase the pressure on you later.

Be Positive

Lastly, maintain a positive attitude all around the clock which will help you to reach the great lengths. Don’t be demoralized by previous failures because every day is different and ‘a new day brings a new opportunity.’ Keep working hard work that will greatly improve your chances of getting a selection in JEE Advanced 2018. Think positive and be positive during IIT JEE preparation.  Keep focused on your goal and never let anything deter you – then you can easily crack IIT JEE Advanced in 60 days.

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