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How To Get Top Marks in SSC Board Exams – By 2 Unlikely Achievers

Winners will win in any situation because they are built with the never give up attitude. Hurdles are just challenges to overcome. Thankfully, technology is making it easier for more and more people to face challenges.

Aishwarya Subramaniam, a student of Sacred Heart School, Vashi and Kavita Bahira, a Housewife with two school going children, are students from two very different backgrounds. However what is common between them is that they have achieved high scores despite all the problems they have had to face.

Medical Conditions are Not a Hurdle to Learning

Aishwarya was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy and battles spastic diplegia. Her doctors advised her mother not to worry her with studies. At the same time her physical condition prevented travelling too much. Going to school and then to tuition class would definitely affect her health.

“The doctors asked us not to pressure her to study since she might not take the stress well,” says Aishwarya’s mother. “So we let her study at her own pace.” She bought her daughter a study app named Robomate plus. She figured it would at least help her understand her lessons.

“I was not a very studious child”, Aishwarya states as a matter of fact. “I studied whenever I felt comfortable. Thankfully, studying with Robomate plus is very easy. I watched the 5 minute videos and answered the MCQs after each video. This helped me clear quite a lot of doubts.”

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Taking Care of the House and Learning for Exams

Kavita Bahira, used to finish her household chores which included getting the food ready, helping her two sons go to school, help them study when they came back and ultimately tuck them into bed. After everyone including her husband had gone to sleep she would borrow her sons’ books to study and fulfill her dream of finishing matriculation. She also used to refer to the study app Robomate plus that they had bought for one of her sons. There was no dearth of encouragement from either her husband or their two children, but her insecurities were addressed by her study companion inside her mobile tablet.

“I found all the information I wanted in Robomate plus,” she says. “The video lectures are well explained and the language used is so simple to understand. Once I got hooked to the study app I did not need any book guides or question sets.” She feels that it is only negligence on the part of a student who has such a technology option that will stop him from getting high marks.

Once you know the story of these two achievers you know that studying is not something you do continuously day-in and day-out to get good marks. But anybody with the will to get high scores can do it.

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