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JEE MAIN 2017 Exam: More than 10lakhs candidates appeared for the exam

More than 10 lakh students appeared for JEE-Main exam on a warm Sunday morning of 2nd April 2017. Few of the students were seen scared, others were feeling optimistic and parents were very curious to know what will happen to their kids. Will paper be easy? Will there wards get lucky? A lot of emotion is running through students, teachers & Parents and JEE- Main exam did not disappoint anybody. It was a fairly balance question paper with the mix of easy, average & tough questions. As always chemistry portion was easiest to score with 25 easy & just 4-5 tough questions. 12 questions were from physical chemistry 11 from organic & 7 from In-organic chemistry. All the questions were directly picked from lines of NCERT. Physics was moderately difficult having 10 easy, 15 average & 5 tough questions. One question in physics can be termed as out of syllabus as it was on relativistic Doppler Effect which is not covered in NCERT. This the easiest physics paper in last 5 years. Mathematics portion was same as always with a mix of 12 easy, 12 average & 6 tough questions. Most of the students may have found mathematics portion on a bit lengthier side. 43 % of the exam was from 11th portion and 57 % from 12th portion. Paper had no errors and it was very well made covering most of the topics. Expected JEE-Main qualifying cut off needed for appearing JEE-Advanced for general category will be approximately 115 marks out of 360. Best of luck to all the students. May their hard work bring success & happiness to them.


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