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Making learning easier with the flipped class room

Imagine this scenario. A child is watching his lessons on the tab or smartphone. He is enjoying the lesson because it is filled with animations and presentations. The lesson is short so he doesn’t get bored and at the end of the lesson the child can assess himself by answering the objective type questions attached to the lesson. The software analyses the areas where the child is weak and presents the analysis to the child, who can go back to the lesson and relook at the concept to understand it thoroughly. Ultimately, he does comprehend the concept and passes the test on his device and also in school.


Many parents would go love the part where it says that the child enjoys the lesson, because that is impossible to imagine. However, it is believable once the word ‘animation’ enters the conversation. This plot is not from a sci-fi movie, but a concept that is fast catching on in the world of education. This is called the flipped class room. So called because the student learns his lessons at home leaving the class room time free for discussions, experiments, activity-based learning and tests.


The flipped class learning has been experimented upon in the west and it has been found that it increases  student engagement, thus addressing the failure rate and the drop-out rate. The experiment was initially started for students who missed class lectures. The teachers were encouraged to record the lectures and email them to the students. Students without a computer at home were provided one in school to catch-up on the lectures without taking up class time.


The experiment has now grown to a concept that the lectures are presented in such a way that it includes animation, engages the students and helps in explaining concepts, rather than the teacher trying to tell examples told orally. It has been found the students who subscribed to the flipped class room learning method actually improved their grades since their conceptual understanding had increased.


MT Educare has been pioneering this innovative idea in India. MT Educare’s Robomate+ now offers lectures on Android mobile devices free of cost for the benefit of students. Students can download the free app and access the lectures they wish to see. The app was formally launched by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, who is an active advocate of female literacy, along with being a legendary actor.


MT Educare is continuously improving the app and students are urged to take advantage of the service. It can help not only students who easily get bored of the usual classroom type, traditional learning, but also the class high rankers who can now improve their marks also.

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