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Some Myths About NTSE Exam

National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) holds the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) every year. It is a national level exam, which is conducted to award scholarships. Lakhs of students from all over the country take the exam to enroll in scholarship programs. This scholarship exam is conducted in 2 stages, State Level (Stage-I) and National Level (Stages-II). Both stages include Mental Ability Test (MAT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Students have some misconceptions regarding the examination and we have listed some wide-spread myths and the reality of the examination.

  1. It is impossible to crack the exam in one month

Most of the aspirants found the NTSE Exam difficult and presume that they won’t be able to crack the exam. However, it is just a misconception as with hard work and proper strategy, anything can be achieved. So if you are also thinking the same then don’t get demoralized as 1 month is enough time to crack any examination, what you need is concentration and hard work.

  1. Only brilliant students will be able to crack the exam

Another misconception that students bear in their mind that only brilliant students can take this scholarship exam and due to this, they give up even before trying. So, if you are one of the students who think that you are not brilliant enough, well, don’t be discouraged as hard work and dedication is the key to success.

  1. The only difference between stage-1 and stage-2 exam is the difficulty level.

No doubt that the questions will be tougher in the stage-2 examination, however, the number of questions will also increase in stage-2 that make it even tougher. Hence, to crack the stage 02 exam, time management is very important.

The questions asked are based on a different aspect as in –

  • MAT– In stage-2, the difficulty level increase and questions will be mainly asked from the chapters like “Coding – Decoding”, “Insert the Missing Number”, and “Calendar and Clock” etc. So, practice these sections more.
  • Science- Equal weight will be given to Theory and Numerical questions, however, the numerical will be asked on an advanced level of 9th/10th Chapters. So, either use some preparation material of an institute or use class XI NCERT books (specifically 9th and 10th concepts).
  • Social Studies – In stage 1, most of the questions are fact-based. However, in stage-2, the majority questions are logic & reason-based. So go through the NCERT books and Change the preparation strategy accordingly to easily ace the exam.

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