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How to Prepare for Boards and JEE Simultaneously

Question by JEE Aspirants:

Students who are in class 12 have to face Pre-Boards, Board Exams, then there is JEE Mains just after that and then there is JEE Advanced.

Students have pressure to do well in boards and get a good rank in JEE Mains, and perform well in JEE Advanced too.

Will I get a good rank in JEE Mains or JEE Advanced.

Should I concentrate on JEE Mains or not?

At this stage how do I manage my time?

How do I optimize preparation for Boards versus JEE Main versus JEE Advanced?

Shubham Goel, AIR 6 (IIT JEE Advanced 2014)

I think we can back-track the whole process. Seeing that the final aim is to get admitted into one of the best colleges in India. Students will usually have a college on target which he wants to get into. I think by the time he reaches the stage where-in he has to prepare for his boards and his pre-boards, he’d know, what kind of colleges he is targeting. Based on that, he knows that he is preparing for JEE Advanced or for JEE Mains. You need to understand what is required. If your prime preparation is for JEE Advanced, then JEE Mains is just an exam which you have to clear.  And because there is a lot of overlap of syllabus between JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, they are only a few topics, which you need to study additionally for the JEE Mains. So, I feel there is no extra preparation required for the JEE Mains. Other than those few additional topics which don’t happen to be in JEE Advanced syllabus.

Sarvesh Mehtani, AIR 1 (IIT JEE Advanced 2017) Additional input

Actually, there is just one strategy. If it’s Physics & Chemistry you have to study mostly NCERT for boards. My preparation was such that, when the boards will come, then all the NCERT for Physics and Chemistry is to be studied. NCERT is very important for the Main as well as Advanced. If you study NCERT during that period, you can prepare well for the boards. And then JEE Main & JEE Advanced. For Math, if you are studying well for the Main, then there should be no problem for boards. And Physical and English you can complete both in a month.

Anand Prakash, IIT Roorkee

If you have covered the basics, you have already covered a lot of ground for your board exams. Last one and a half or two months preparation is more than enough for boards and Main. There are additional 3-4 topics and in the last days. If we cover those topics we can actually be well prepared. It’s also about the difference in preparation because JEE Main and JEE Advanced are based on two different approaches. In JEE Main it’s more practice. If you practice a lot of questions, including easy questions, you might get a good rank in JEE Main. However, in JEE Advanced you require to understand those topics in details. In JEE Advanced you may skip few topics and not complete the entire syllabus. But for JEE Mains, you have to complete the entire syllabus. Therefore from October, November & December you prepare differently because there is the major difference.

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