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How to Prepare for MHT CET in 30 Days

MHT CET is just round the corner and you need to get your act together for the exam. Here is a guide on how to prepare for MHT CET ((Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test) in 30 days. The test is not just about books, it is about preparing smart and managing time as well.

Important points to consider during preparation

  • Give sufficient time for each topic
  • Solve as many mock tests as possible
  • You know your weak and strong subjects, so give proper time for each of your weakness and strength

MHT CET Exam pattern:

It is an offline test, which means the candidate has to physically go to the examination center. The paper will be in English, Marathi or Urdu language. Candidates who are aspiring to be Engineers, or taking up Pharmacy or Medicine have to write Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics papers. There will be 50 questions each of Physics and Chemistry carrying 1 mark and 50 questions of Math or Biology each carrying 2 marks. So to get a score of more than 180, you have to give all correct answers of Physics and Chemistry and only 5 questions of Math or Biology can be incorrect. The time allotted for the exam is 1.5 hours.

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Preparation for Exam in 30 days:

Identify the subjects in which you are weak, maybe you can take tuitions or do group study for the subject or chapter. Give more time and concentration on that subject.

Collect all the books and the mock test papers

Check the complete MHT CET Syllabus and identify the chapters on which you have to give more time and also for chapters on which you have to do the revision

Maths students should learn all the formulas and also shortcut to solve each question

Create a timetable subject-wise and then chapter-wise.

Check the time allotted for each question, the questions which take less time should be answered first.

Make sure you solve previous test question papers and also sample papers

Your subject Math or Biology question carries 2 marks, so make sure you are strong in these subjects.

Apart from studies and books, the candidate should be physically and mentally fit. Eat good food and try to have sufficient sleep. Your mind needs a break to store more knowledge in it.

Try to solve the previous year question papers in 90 mins, to check your speed and time management in completing the questionnaire.

Importantly, stick to your schedule. Don’t waste time on planning your day for hours. Be quick in deciding the hours you intend to dedicate to subject and chapter. Do complete your target before the end of the day. Your hard work will be paid as a seat in engineering or medicine.

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