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8 Reasons Why Students Lack Interest in Studies

Albert Einstein said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”.

If you pay complete attention and study something with interest then you will retain that information forever. Forceful enrollment in colleges and schools where students half-heartedly attend classes will not do them much good. Hence, it is very important to probe deeper into the root-cause of the problem:

Why students lack interest in studies?”


Given below are most common reasons for students’ lack of interest in studies.

  1. Bullying


A lot of kids suffer from this problem in schools and colleges, but keep mum about it. Getting bullied by other kids in school on a regular basis effect their self-esteem and they also lose focus from their studies and refuse to attend their classes.

  1. Bad Teachers


Violent teachers who resort to harsh punishments also indirectly push kids away from studying. The fear of bad teachers makes them lose interest in their studies rather than concentrating more. Also, incompetent teachers who have a boring way of teaching affect the interest of students.

  1. Difficult Syllabus

Certain schools and colleges lay down rigid course-work and extremely difficult syllabus. When students are unable to cope up with the prescribed syllabus, they tend to give-up on studies instead of pushing themselves more.

  1. Learning Difficulties


There are a lot of clinical limitations like Dyslexia that might be negatively affecting the student`s mind. Survey says, India has 15% incidence of dyslexia among students. Dyslexic students will not be able to perform their best despite giving them the best of educators and institutions. Such students do not recognize their clinical symptoms and lose interest in studies thereafter.

  1. Distractions in Environment


Modern age has brought a lot of distractions in a student`s life that were absent in the previous generations. From smart phones to digital gaming, students tend to easily succumb to such distractions and subsequently lose interest in studies.

  1. Fear of assessment

Schools and Colleges always squeeze in as many assessment examinations in their yearly calendar as possible. This way they hope to prepare the students better for their final assessment exams. However, this theory works as a boomerang with students who fear the results of the frequent assessments and lose overall interest in studying.

  1. Rewards not attractive


When students put their best foot forward and study for exams, they expect certain acknowledgement of their efforts in the form of awards and recognitions. A lot of schools and colleges do not pay heed to rewards, thus disappointing the students who lose interest in studies.

  1. Studies not challenging enough or boring


Extremes of everything is bad. Like difficult syllabus is a discouraging point, even a boring or non-challenging syllabus can be discouraging from a student`s point of view. An extremely easy syllabus can be easily taken in the stride and studies will be ignored with students only resorting to last-minute studies.

Now that we know the reasons for lack of interest in studies we can move on to remedy the situation.

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