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Things You Can Take and Cannot Take in the JEE Main Exam Hall

Are you ready to crack JEE Main Exam 2020? JEE Main exam is the popular engineering entrance exam in India. JEE Main exam is here. Hope you have collected your admit cards which were made available a few weeks ago. JEE Main 2020 exam is scheduled from Jan 6 2020.

Aspiring engineering and architect students would have prepared day and night with JEE Sample Question Papers and Practice Papers. In the JEE main preparation, many candidates fail to notice the important announcements regarding JEE main exam code of conduct.

Among the rules, candidates who appear for JEE Main 2020 exam should know about the things that they can and cannot take to the exam hall.

Things you can take to JEE Main Exam Hall

JEE Main Exam 2020 Admit Card

JEE Main admit card is the crucial documents that validates the entry to the JEE Main exam 2020. Without admit card no candidate is permitted to the JEE Main exam hall. Since JEE Main admit card is downloadable, carry multiple copies.  It is your identity and the invigilator cross-check the identity in the exam hall.

Photo Identity Proof

Aadhar card is the preferred ID proof that candidates should carry to JEE Main exam hall. If you don’t have Aadhar ID, carry any other valid identity proofs.

Disability Certificate (if applicable)

Candidates who applied under this category should carry the disability certificate to the JEE Main 2020 exam hall without fail. The disability certificate shall be issued by the recognized authority.

A Clear Clipboard

Clipboard is an important accessory for candidates who appear JEE Main 2020 exam offline. Always carry a clear clipboard with no marks or scribbles. Any unrelated scribbling may lead to expulsion from JEE Main 2020 exam.

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Things you cannot take to JEE Main Exam Hall

Things you should not take to JEE Main 2020 exam hall includes the following:

Pens and Pencils / writing objects

Candidates should not carry pens and pencils as they will be provided in the JEE Main exam hall. Similarly, usage of pencil is completely prohibited.

Digital Watches

Wearing digital watches are a big no-no to JEE Main exam 2020.

Jewelry / Ornaments

According to the reports from JEE Main 2017 exam, candidates are not allowed to wear any ornaments. Candidates removed the jewelries, accessories before they entered the JEE Main exam hall.

Other things you should NOT carry to JEE 2020 Main Exam

  • Calculators
  • Log tables
  • Watches other than analog watches
  • Paper – plain or scribbled
  • Any written or printed materials
  • Slide rules
  • Eraser
  • Correction Fluid or whitener

The rules are very strict and candidates shall be careful to avoid taking things that are not allowed to the JEE Main exam hall. Otherwise, he or she may be stopped from writing the exam.

Make a kit and checklist, ‘JEE Main 2020 Kit’ and ensure you have all those things in the kit. Keep the checklist ready at least five days before JEE main exam.

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