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Things to keep in Mind While Preparing for the CA CPT Exam

Preparing for CA CPT is indeed a tedious task. It is not easy to get in the study mode exactly after the board exams. Well, all you need to do is follow some simple strategies to be able to clear it in one go. It might not be as easy as it sounds. But, trust me, it is more about smart work than hard work especially in the last one month of preparation.

Clearing CA CPT is all about grasping the concepts well, practicing umpteen number of questions and focusing on those parts which you are not confident of. It is just a myth that students aspiring to clear CA CPT have to devote most of their time in studying and learning. Believe me, it is more than just the numbers of hours you plan to put in.

Each CA CPT Subject is Important

Treat each and every subject as important part of your syllabus. That is the sole key to cracking the exam. Many of the aspirants tend to ignore certain subjects as they dislike them. This is a hindrance in cracking a tough exam like CA. You cannot compromise with skipping out major portions of the syllabus which you don’t understand well. Entrance of CA is vast therefore, you cannot think of leaving out important chunks for the last moment. Make sure that get enough time to revise thoroughly otherwise you will end up wasting your efforts.

Don’t try to Master all Topics of All the Subjects

Important subjects of CA Entrance Exam include Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Accounts, Mercantile Law, etc. You should never aim for mastering each and every subject. This will just create more pressure in your mind. You cannot master each and everything you study. Therefore, organize your time in such a way that you have plenty of time left to revise major portions of every subject. Your exam oriented approach in the end will be one sought alternative to clearing the exam with flying colors.

Practice CA CPT Previous Years’ Question Papers

Practice as many test papers and CA CPT previous years’ exam question papers. You will gain more confidence when you will be planning your time in solving the questions. It is also about how much time you take to solve the questions efficiently.

Don’t Memorise But Understand

Cultivate the habit of learning and grasping concepts and mastering them. You don’t have to focus on memorizing those lessons. This professional course demands more than just mere rote learning. You have to be proficient in putting your theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge to see the right results.

Don’t compare but self assess

Last but not the least, compete with yourself every single day. Don’t end up comparing yourself with those around you. There is no substitute to hard work and consistent efforts. Therefore, motivate yourself to do better every day. Make your own realistic timetable and follow it religiously day in and day out.

Hence, in a nutshell, all you need to do is gear yourself to push your limits to the fullest. Clearing CA is a mere cake walk if you know the right path. Dedicated study and perseverance is what you need to keep going. Follow these exquisite tips to emerge a winner in the upcoming exams.

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