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Tips to remember for a Personal Interview

Everyone who has cleared the written test and has been called for the interview is determined to succeed. However, the uncertainty of what’s going to happen is the biggest roadblock for aspirants who want to ace the MBA personal interview. Here some useful tips:

  • Be Punctual: If you really want to succeed in the interview then be at the venue almost 30 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Dress-up like a Professional: Professionalism starts with your attire. Clothes build your personality, hence, choose the best formal attire for the interview. If you are a girl then leave all the accessories at home. Also, keep in mind that it is good to smell nice, but don’t smell like a bottle of perfume. Just smell pleasant.
  • Be yourself:– Interview-staff look for students who are honest and are keen to get a quality education, hence, just be honest. Tell them why you are there, why you want to pursue the interview and how it will help to achieve your goals. Don’t tell them a story which is not true. They are experienced people and will sense a lie.
  • Show a willingness to learn: MBA Institutes continuously seek candidates whom they can offer the best education and in response, these students add value to the institution. Hence, they prefer students who are willing to learn.
  • Think Before You speak:– Do think twice before answering a question. Choose words wisely, to explain what you want to say. Remember, you will not get the second chance to give the answer. It is a one take process, either you qualify or you lose.
  • Always wear a Smile: A smile is the one thing that makes everybody comfortable. No matter what the question is, just stay calm, smile and answer the question. If you don’t know the answer, then just smile and say you don’t know.
  • Show Interest: Always remember, Interviews are a 2-way process. You can ask questions as well. If you have any question related to a course or the institute then do ask. However, avoid questions for which answers are easily available online, e.g. tuition fees, etc.

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