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How to Prepare for JEE Advanced in 20 days

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It’s a crucial time for students preparing for JEE Advanced. This is the time you have to be exceptionally astute around time management and take care of your health to help you to secure a good rank. Here are the few to-dos for a candidate on How to prepare for JEE Advanced in 20 days.

What […]

Is it better to study for IIT JEE Main and Advanced early in the morning or later at night

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Sarvesh Mehtani, AIR 1 (IIT JEE Advanced 2017)

Till the syllabus was completed, I used to study till late in the night to study for JEE Main and Advanced Exam. And after that it used to be fixed and I studied for almost 5-6 hours. During revision, I didn’t study at night because the exams are in […]

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