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How to Get 200 In IIT JEE Main Result

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Have you ever felt that despite studying for the IIT JEE Main extremely hard, revising regularly and taking periodic tests, your score just doesn’t seem to go up? If the answer to this question is an indisputable YES, then keep reading!

Hard work, is indeed, essential in order to secure a good score in IIT JEE […]

Is it better to study for IIT JEE Main and Advanced early in the morning or later at night

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Sarvesh Mehtani, AIR 1 (IIT JEE Advanced 2017)

Till the syllabus was completed, I used to study till late in the night to study for JEE Main and Advanced Exam. And after that it used to be fixed and I studied for almost 5-6 hours. During revision, I didn’t study at night because the exams are in […]

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