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How to Get 200 In IIT JEE Main Result

Have you ever felt that despite studying for the IIT JEE Main extremely hard, revising regularly and taking periodic tests, your score just doesn’t seem to go up? If the answer to this question is an indisputable YES, then keep reading!

Hard work, is indeed, essential in order to secure a good score in IIT JEE Main. However, this alone is not enough. In the same vein, solving problems blindly is not an effective way to score well either. What you need is a sure shot plan to not only clear the cutoff but also score 200 in IIT JEE Main.

So, how do you study smart? We share with you some tips that separate the achievers from the crowd!

1. Spend time perusing the relevant material only.

It is a common tendency amidst students to try to cover a plethora of books and material, thinking that the more, the better. Well, this theory does not apply to your IIT JEE Main exam! It is recommended that the students try collecting knowledge instead of books. Perusing a standard book and previous year question papers is an excellent way to go forward.

2. Use a timer.

Have you ever noticed you could answer some 1000 odd questions on time at home but fell short of time in the examination hall? This is a familiar feeling among most students right from high school. A good way to avoid losing time is always to use a timer when solving problems and IIT JEE Main Previous Years Question Papers . Solve them in an environment of the IIT JEE Main Test Papers. This way, you are bound to be able to manage your time more efficiently.

3. Consider the NCERT’s your bible.

 For your IIT JEE Main, it is a strong recommendation to be thorough with your NCERT and peruse their Exemplar Problems books. This is because CBSE organizes the IIT JEE Main, so the exam is bound to be based on the content of the NCERT books. You can also choose to go with supplements in the form of Exemplar Problems.

4. Revise effectively.

 If you wish to retain what you have learned, studied and memorized, the key lies in repetition. The more you revise a certain portion of the syllabus of your JEE Main, the more you are likely to remember it at the time when it counts the most. Hence, do not stop revising your notes and those ever-important formulas. That is not to say that you must read every single line all over again. Revise intelligently! Make notes and mark important sections that you can go back to while revising right before the exam.

5. Aim for a score of 270 or more.

 Students usually prefer not to do guesswork. If they have a target of scoring 200 in their JEE Main, they will attempt the question paper of 200 marks. As a result, they end up scoring even less. However, it makes more sense to attempt at least 70% of the question paper. Scoring high is directly proportional to attempting more! It’s as simple as that!

Most importantly, you must be relaxed and believe in the hard work you have put in! Do not second guess yourself and be confident! If you follow these simple tips, you are bound to succeed in your JEE Main!

Good luck!

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