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How to Prepare for JEE Advanced in 20 days

It’s a crucial time for students preparing for JEE Advanced. This is the time you have to be exceptionally astute around time management and take care of your health to help you to secure a good rank. Here are the few to-dos for a candidate on How to prepare for JEE Advanced in 20 days.

What to do to prepare for JEE Advanced in 20 days

Rather than focusing on new chapters or low weightage portions, focus on concepts of important chapters and analyse your strengths because JEE Advanced is all about quality than quantity. Students should be conscious about the importance of this exam and should have a predefined study time-table to complete the preparation within these 20 days.

How to prepare for JEE Advanced in 20 days.

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Always stick to your decided strategy. Change it only if it is necessary. Try to solve at least 3-4 Previous Year’s Question Papers along with same timing and duration. Those who have been following NCERT must continue doing it. Focus on practising questions in two sittings of 3 hours each. First sitting should be in the morning (9-12) and a second one in the afternoon (14-15). Evaluating the jee advanced previous year question paper can help you immensely to decide which topics you should prepare first. You have already cleared JEE Main exam and that means you have solved some books or Institute material. So you can start with solving your Institute material or whatever you solved previously. Instead of preparing all difficult or simple chapters together, you should prepare alternatively one after another. Solve the as many questions possible. A little time must be devoted to analyse the questions.

Hurdles in preparing for JEE Advanced in 20 days

How much you can score in the JEE Advanced Exam depends on your preparation level. But sometimes the best students find it difficult to qualify JEE Advanced due to hurdles. At this crucial time prefer self-study which will increase your confidence to crack the exam. Let’s discuss hurdles and how to keep away from them.

  • Isolate yourself from the outer world and don’t take advice of relatives. They may confuse you.
  • Change your regime. Instead, studying late at night wake early in the morning at 5:30. Late night study can seriously affect your score, so try to change it as soon as possible.
  • Utilize your time in preparing whatever you have studied earlier, not in what you haven’t studied yet.
  • It’s a big challenge to maintain energy level for 6 rigorous hours. Take balanced and a light meal before the exam.
  • Read all the instructions carefully, analyse the whole paper within 6 minutes and start attempting your favourite portion. You can start with any of the three sections but always attempt integer type questions first. Then you can go with single choice questions.
  • Ultimately, you have to sit in front of a computer screen for 6 hours, it might be a problem for you. Looking continuously at a display can affect your vision due to which your brain will not respond actively at that time and it will directly affect your performance. To overcome this problem, one should solve jee advanced previous year question paper with solution pdf on the computer.

Don’t stress while doing the paper. Leave questions which seem to be difficult.

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