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How to Score 180+ in MHT CET?

MHT CET is the qualification exam for getting a seat in Engineering or in Pharmacy. MHT CET has the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology.

MHT CET Marks:

MHT CET paper as a whole carries 200 marks. Physics and Chemistry, each of these subjects will have 50 questions and each carries one mark. Maths or Biology will have 50 questions, and each question carries 2 marks which is double than Physics and Chemistry.

Scoring 180+

In order to get 180+, the candidates have to give all correct answers of Physics and Chemistry. You have the option of giving only 5 incorrect answers of Maths or Biology.

Tips for Preparation:

  • Competitive Exams: While preparing for MHT CET, also attempt for other competitive exams such as JEE Mains and Advanced. This will increase your practice and also chances of getting through exam. MHT CET seems to be easier than JEE Mains.
  • MHT CET syllabus: Incase of candidates who are from CBSE, few topics of MHT CET which are not covered in CBSE syllabus. Particularly certain Physics topics such as Semiconductors, Interference and Waves, buy books for studying these topics.

Sample Paper
Subject wise Studies:

  • Chemistry: This seems to be the easiest subject, concentrate on inorganic chemistry equations and reactions. Keep a notebook separately for revising the formulas and equations
  • Biology: To get good marks in biology, you have to be thorough with each and every page of the book, as questions can be asked from any part. Start your biology question paper preparation from 6 months before the date of exam.
  • Maths: Especially for math’s papers, the candidates should learn shortcuts to solve problems in order to save time. For candidates to get 180+ correct answers there are chances for only minor errors.
  • Prepare a schedule and allot time and days to each subject and chapter. In order to score 180+, candidates should be thorough in all subjects.
  • Mock Tests: Multiple choice questions can be confusing for many candidates. Practice mock test and previous years question papers.
  • Time: While solving previous years question papers, solve the questions in 3 hours. You will get an idea how much time does it takes to solve each subject and time to allot. There is no point in solving one lengthy question and leaving the rest questions because of time constrain,

It is very much possible for crack 180+ in MH CET provided the candidate has dedicated his time towards studying and practicing more and more for the exams. The MH CET will be based on questions from 11th and 12th standard, so one should start building foundation after 10th class. You have to get 90% of MCQs correct to get more than 180+ score. Read the syllabus thoroughly and give full concentration for studying. Dedicate 5 hours towards studies without any distractions.

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