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Doing a SWOT Analysis of your NEET Preparations

Cracking NEET, much like other examinations requires true dedication, a focussed mind, a formidable intellect, constant encouragement and the right strategy of NEET preparation. It is high time now for you to buckle up if you are going to attempt the NEET Examination. Every business organization requires planning at various levels. Consider this NEET preparation as your organization and practice all the measures it requires to run an organization. One of the tools of Business Planning is SWOT Analysis. This blog will guide you through your journey of NEET Preparation. by implementing this very simple yet successful tool.

Let us first discuss what SWOT stands for and what it means. It is abbreviated as S-Strengths, W-Weaknesses, O-Opportunities and T-Threats. It is a strategic tool of Business planning and Policy implementation. While Strength and Weakness are Internal Factors, Opportunities and Threats are considered as External Factors. Much the same way happens in our studies and NEET preparation.

The first task is to make a table in your diary or excel which ever you find is comfortable. Two rows and four columns and that’s all. Give the headings-Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats.

STRENGTHS for My NEET preparation

  • Under this heading write down all those topics that you are well versed with.
  • You are confident in attempting any sort of question that comes from such topics.
  • Either memory based or reasoning I will be able to solve these within the minimum time.

WEAKNESSES in my NEET preparation

  • The questions from these topics are a trouble.
  • Every time I try to attempt them, I give the wrong answer.
  • Valuable time is wasted in trying to remember the answers to these questions when I write my paper.
  • Weaknesses can be minimized.

Sample Paper

OPPORTUNITIES I can use in my NEET preparation

  • These are those set of questions and topics which I can attempt but I am not confident about.
  • I need to work more upon these questions so that I can make them my strengths.
  • Opportunity never knocks twice.

THREATS to my NEET preparation

  • I begin in high spirits and then in the middle I find myself lost.
  • My peers have been doing this for years they never got through.

How can I? Be deaf to your internal and external negative voices.

  • There is again a change in the exam date-My study schedule will not change.

Your thorough NEET preparation might have enabled you to know which topics you find difficult to deal with or what sort of questions are trickier for you to solve. There are different varieties of questions: some based purely on memory, some straight forward numerical, others that require logic and reasoning. If you find solving Physics numerical a difficult task, do the maximum numerical you can on that particular topic. The Biology terms are easier remembered by comparing with other terms. Write them down in one place and repeatedly go through those pages.

The path may be difficult, but hurdles should never stop you from trying and giving your best to your NEET preparation.

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