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Is It A Good Idea to Drop A Year to Prepare For NEET?

Dropping a year to prepare for any entrance exam is a huge decision and is generally not advisable. Preparing for entrances should be a part of the daily schedule for any student. There are numerous reputed institutions which provide training, guidance, and counseling for the same. NEET exams are based on the CBSE curriculum and are pursued by students interested in appearing for MBBS and BDS entrance exams.

The steps to be followed by students to analyze themselves 3-4 months before appearing for NEET are:

Analyzing the Previous Year Papers and Answering Mock Tests

For any student, this is an ideal method to obtain a fair idea of the kind of questions that are asked in these exams. This method for NEET Preparation helps in understanding the paper pattern. The student does not need to sit and solve the papers immediately, but going through them helps to get a fair understanding of it all.

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Understanding One’s Strengths And Weaknesses

It is imperative for the student to put down the strengths and weaknesses on paper and then improve the strengths and work on the weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Learn to Answer the Question Papers, Following the Instructions

It is essential for the student to answer the question papers according to the instructions given and also answer it in the allotted time. The student needs to make it a practice to solve the question paper in the fixed time and not cross the time limit.

Plan the Best Strategy and Implement It to Succeed

A schedule should be prepared and implemented for NEET Preparation to achieve the results in the given amount of time. The student must keep up with the plan and see how to make the best of it.

Completion of The Portion

The student should ensure that the syllabus is completed with enough time left for a thorough revision. Concept clarity is an essential part of the completion of the portion. If the student has a clear understanding of the concepts, then any questions can be answered with ease.


Revision of all the subjects and clarification of any doubts is significant for the student. A thorough revision gives confidence to the student to breeze through the exams with ease.

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Examining the Pros and Cons of Dropping A Year For NEET Preparation

PROS of Dropping A Year For NEET Preparation

  • You get a full year to prepare for the entrance exam which ensures complete dedication to all the subjects.
  • Students can face the entrance exam with confidence as they have dedicated themselves to thorough preparation.
  • Relieved from the stress of studying both the school material and preparing for entrance
  • With time in hand, the students can focus on learning the concepts well.

Disadvantages of dropping a year for NEET Preparation

  •  It is not very easy to follow the strict discipline of self-studying as it involves complete commitment.
  • Students miss out one entire year of schooling, and if they are unable to clear the NEET entrance despite taking the year off, they end up lagging behind their friends who would have moved to higher classes.
  • Since they have dropped a year, the pressure on the student increases as now, they have to put in double the effort and thus, go through a lot of stress.

Keeping in view the pros and cons, the student needs to decide if it is worth it to drop a year to prepare for entrance. Career counselors should be consulted who can do an in-depth analysis of the students’ overall performance and give advice based on it. Parental support is of equal importance as this is a crucial milestone in a student’s life.

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