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Module 1

Std 12, Commerce, Secretarial Practice

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Hello students, today we are going to learn a very short, simple but yes interesting chapter called issue of debenture, so let’s begin with the provision related to the issue of denture but what is debenture, so let’s begin with the meaning of debenture. Debenture is […]

Std 12, Commerce, Maths And Stats Part-I, Module 1

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Let’s start with chapter Demography, this chapter is belong to the branch statistics, so let’s begin with the very first module that is introduction to demography and vital statistics, yes we would first will very much interested to know what does demography mean, demography comes from […]

CA IPCC Business Policy And Strategic Management Module 1

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Hi students after understanding business environment and business objective now let’s check business policy now this thing originated in 1911 at “Harvard Business School” right it was develop specifically for general management capability, later on it was been made compulsory in all management administrative causes round […]

CA IPCC, Strategy Implementation And Control, Module 1

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Hi, Bacha log, in this chapter we are going to see Strategy Implementation and Control. In
the previous chapter we had seen formulation of functional strategy and here
implementation, right.
So here we can see on the X axis we have Strategy Implementation and on the Y axis we
have Strategy Formulation. […]

CA IPCC, Strategic Planning, Module 1

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Hi, kids, after learning Products Portfolio Analysis, company now needs to formulate a
strategy for achieving goals of the organisation, right. So after formulating strategies, that’s
planning and next chapter we will see implementation of strategies and after that we will
see how effective the strategies were, that is continuously monitoring […]

MBA Entrance, Logical Reasoning and Direct Interpretation, Numerical Logic, Module 1

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Hey let’s do the first session on numerical logic here’s the set which I guess you’ll read right it’s about 3 people were having certain sums with them and they gave half the difference the person with the highest amount gives half the difference to other […]

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