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CA IPCC, Strategic Planning, Module 1

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Hi, kids, after learning Products Portfolio Analysis, company now needs to formulate a
strategy for achieving goals of the organisation, right. So after formulating strategies, that’s
planning and next chapter we will see implementation of strategies and after that we will
see how effective the strategies were, that is continuously monitoring it.
Now herein let us check very first Corporate Strategy, what you understand by Corporate
Strategy. That is basically the growth design of the firm, it spells out the growth objective of
the firm, what company wants to do, the direction, extent, pace and timing of the firm’s
growth. It also spells out the strategy for achieving the growth in the organisation. Hence,
we can describe CS, that is Corporate Strategy, as the objective, right remember that a
strategy design by the firm. Correct, that is Corporate Strategy. What they have designed
to achieve, correct, objectives. It can be viewed as the objective, strategy design of the firm.
It is the design for filling the firm’s strategic planning gap. It ensures

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