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CA IPCC, Strategy Implementation And Control, Module 3

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Bacha log, this Module we will see the importance of structure in strategy implementation.
Now changes in strategy often require changes in the way an organisation is structured,
right. There are two main reasons, structure largely dictates how objectives and policies will
be established. Example, objectives and policies established […]

CA IPCC, Formation Of Functional Strategy, Module 3

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Bacha log, in this module we are going to see marketing process, now it is the process of
analyzing market opportunities, selecting target markets, developing the marketing mix the
best possible, and managing the marketing effort. Targeting customers is the centre point
of the marketing process, right, because business […]

MBA Entrance Introduction To Percentage, Reciprocal Percentage Equivalents, Module 3

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Hello let’s look at reciprocal percentage equivalents part 3 so we have seen this earlier that 1 by 8 is 12.5 % correct now here will be looking at multiples of reciprocals that we have seen till now so for example 3/8 is nothing but as […]

MBA Entrance Quantitative Aptitude, Races, Module 3

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Hi, in this session we will be learning more about clocks. I know you have been seeing clocks

everyday but you have never done some calculations on clocks. You will be doing it today. So what

really is a clock? It is a circular race between the hour hand and […]

MBA Entrance Quantitative Aptitude, Speed Time Distance, Module 3

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Hi, in the last session we did the concept of Relative Speed. In this session we will be doing its

applications in trains, and boats and streams. So let’s take a situation, we will try and calculate the

time taken by a train to completely cross this object which is […]

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