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CA IPCC Strategic Analysis Module 3

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Baccha log in this module we are going to see different, different right framework of strategic analysis external analysis right kids the consumer analysis here in segments now what you understand by segments Tata people right are making wrist watches for youth Fastrack right and for little bit aged people and those are not in that much position to spend more on that wrist watch they have something called as Titan brand and those who are able to spend more on the wrist watch for them they have brought Dails right so they are able to create segments according to the pocket size according to the lights wants of the customer similarly modulation consumer need to be motivated to purchased by sometime and unmet needs hearing unmet needs “Matlab” unmet needs all something related to your maid servants at your place right so we need to take care of such things too “ki”how can we make arrangements or it’s an opportunity to work on how the maids will be made available further competitor analysis we need to check identify strategic groups performance image objectives the strategies suppose in case we continue the same example of Titan watches what HMT is doing what Rolex, Rado are doing so all that analysis should be done by Titan watches right what culture what cost structure strengths weaknesses all this about competitors is must and under internal analysis performance analysis

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