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CA IPCC Strategic Analysis Module 2

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Now kids let’s see situation analysis now once company has decided the mission goals right and the vision we need to analyze the situation before developing any given management strategy now it is important to conduct some analysis on that particular situation which is prevailing. This should form an essential part of any business plan and should be serviced over time and time now following factors to be considered when conducting situation analysis let’s see number 1 product situation now this analysis to be done here is on knowing one’s current product and relate that to customers’ needs and demands where it stands are we able to satisfy them are we making the same what they want right it is also an analysis of companies core product and augmented product right kids so that’s your 1st point product situation we need to check we need to analyze the product whatever we are dealing into are we able to make customers happy or not next competitive situation analysis of the company’s main competitors right say for an example if we are Reliance Telecom then we need to know what Tata Docomo is doing what is Vodafone doing what idea right and what other networks are doing i.e who are they and what are they up to and what are their competitive advantages “must hai jaruri hai ye sab kuch”

Distribution situation

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