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Module 4

CA IPCC Business Policy And Strategic Management Module 4

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Hi kids to better understand this chapter let’s take up few generic strategy or master strategy now these are the strategies given by the Glueck and jauch right they are stability strategy, Expansion strategy, Retrenchment strategy, and lastly combination strategy in which there may be a […]

CA IPCC, Formation Of Functional Strategy, Module 4

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In this Module we are going to see Planning for Marketing, or you can call it as Marketing
Planning. Now, marketing planning involves deciding on the marketing strategies that will
help the company attain its overall strategic objectives. A detailed plan is needed for each
business, product or brand.
Now let us […]

CA IPCC, Strategic Planning, Module 4

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Bacha log, let’s see Michael Porter’s Generic Strategies. Right, now he suggests as Generic
Strategies the reason being he is giving us three strategies under it. According to Porter,
strategies allow organisation to gain competitive advantage from three different bases cost
leadership, differentiation and focus. Porter calls these base, Generic Strategies.
Now […]

MBA Entrance Quantitative Aptitude, Simple and Compound Interest, Module 4

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Hello friends welcome to this session in this session let’s see what do we mean by different time periods for compounding, you have an example here, a sum of rupees 10000 is kept at 40% per annum compound interest. Find the total interest earned and total […]

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