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CA IPCC, Reaching Strategic Edge, Module 4

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In this module, bacha log, we are going to compare TQM with traditional management,
right. It is different, totally different from traditional management. It requires changes in
organisational processes, beliefs and attitudes, and behaviours. The traditional management
means the way things are usually done in most organisations in the absence of a total quality
management focus. The nature of TQM differs from common management practices in
many respects.
Some of the key differences are as follows. Planning and management – quality planning and
strategic business planning is indistinguishable in TQM. Customer satisfaction, defect rates
and process cycle times receive very high attention on TQM which is not the case in
traditional management.
Changing relationships with customers and suppliers – distinguishable innovation is essential
to meet and exceed customer’s needs. In TQM quality is defined as product and services.
Traditional management places customers outside of the enterprises and within the domain
of marketing and sales.
Organisational structure – TQM is also distinguishable as it views enterprise as a system of
interdependent processes. Every process contains sub-processes and is also contained
within a higher process.

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