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CA IPCC, Reaching Strategic Edge, Module 5

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Bacha log, Six Sigma. It means quality, quality and quality. The top order, the best of the best
quality, defect free. Primarily Six Sigma means maintenance of the desired quality in
processes and end product. It means taking systematic and integrated effort towards
improving quality and reducing cost. It is a highly disciplined process that helps in
developing, delivering near perfect goods. It works continuously towards revising the
current standards and establishing higher ones. Six Sigma strives at 99.96% of product
manufactured are defect free in one million that is amongst ten lakhs.
Six Sigma efforts target three main areas, improving customer satisfaction, reducing cycle
time and reducing defects. Six Sigma is not merely a quality initiative it is a business initiative
too. Achieving six sigma goals requires breakthroughs in every area of an operation, right.
We have already discussed it in previous chapter, right. Dabbawalas in Mumbai, they have
achieved Six Sigma in total management commitment and philosophy of excellence,
customer focus, process improvement and the rule of measurement rather than gut feel. Six
Sigma is about making every area of the organisation better, able to meet the changing
needs of customers, markets and technologies with benefits for employees, customers and
Now, let’s see the methodology for the existing product – D for define, M for measuring it, A
for analysing it, right, where have we reached, I for more further improvements, C for
controlling in case if you are making or approaching closer toward any kind of defects.
Now, for the new products

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