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CA IPCC, Reaching Strategic Edge, Module 6

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Bacha log, we come to the last module, E-commerce, internet, right. How it has impact on
the business.
The internet is an integrated network of banks of servers and high-speed computers, digital
switches and routers, telecommunications equipment and lines and individual uses
computers. The backbone of internet consists of telecommunication lines, crises crossing
countries, telecom lines, right, and the world that allow computers to transfer data in digital
form at a very, very high speed. Everyone knows this very well. The bandwidth of the line
determines the capacity or speed of the data transfer users gain excess to the network via a
LAN server or an internet service provider, computerised switch that has capability to route
traffic to and from end users directly connected to it.
E-commerce – internet makes feasible for companies everywhere to compete in global
markets. Competition in an industry is greatly intensified by the new e-commerce strategic
initiatives of existing rivals. Entry barriers in the e-commerce world are relatively low.
Internet and PC technologies are advancing rapidly, often in uncertain and unexpected
directions. The internet results in much faster diffusion of new technologies and new
business ideas across of delivering customer services. The e-commerce environment

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