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Module 5

CA IPCC Strategic Analysis Module 5

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Bacchalog, SWOT analysis strength and weaknesses within the organization, opportunities and threats outside the organization. Now here we have functional level strategy, it is directed at improving the effectiveness of the operations within an organization, such manufacturing, marketing, material management, customer service, etc and business level […]

CA IPCC Business Policy And Strategic Management Module 5

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Bacchalog, let’s see third type, which is retrenchment strategy, now this question is comes for correct four marks, let’s see, now the firm is not doing well right when the pressure from stakeholders come to improve the performance all those stake holder they put pressure on […]

CA IPCC, Reaching Strategic Edge, Module 5

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Bacha log, Six Sigma. It means quality, quality and quality. The top order, the best of the best
quality, defect free. Primarily Six Sigma means maintenance of the desired quality in
processes and end product. It means taking systematic and integrated effort towards
improving quality and reducing cost. It is a […]

CA IPCC, Formation Of Functional Strategy, Module 5

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Bacha log, in this Module we are going to see different, different Marketing Strategic
Techniques. To start with Social Marketing, now it aims to increase the acceptability of a
social idea, cause or practice among a target group. Example is campaign for prohibition of
smoking, right. Second example would […]

CA IPCC, Strategic Planning, Module 5

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Kids, in this module we are going to see, differentiation strategies, right. Given by, Michael
Porter under Generic Strategies. Now, in this particular strategy, we take an example of
Honda. Now, Honda is a believer of given superior quality. So they practice or implement
differentiation strategies. Let’s check what it is. […]

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