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CA IPCC Business Environment Module 10

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Dear children’s let’s see now Michael porter’s five forces model for competitive analysis how to combat how to fight how to give a reply back to competitive pressure “char mark ke liye aata hai” four mark question who is Michael porter now he give rivalry among competitive forms what would be done potential development of substitute products next bargaining power of consumers potential entry of new competitors and bargaining power of suppliers now what would be done let’s check one by one Michael porter’s five forces model for competitive analysis beginning from Harvard Business School right rivalry among competing firms, most powerful, everyone has strategy to compete, your strategy must have competitive advantage, tool is retaliatory or counter moves such as what can you do lower your prices of your product as in MTNL been doing it add-on extra features like airline or maybe like hotels extended warranty to be given just as in case of General Motors they were the first company in India to give extended warranty for 3 years on all their manufactured vehicles so this is something out of the box

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