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CA IPCC, Formation Of Functional Strategy, Module 11

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Bacha log in this Module we are going to see HR and Strategy. Human Resource
Management Strategy, very, very important for all the organisations. Now HR resource
strategy of business should reflect and support the corporate strategy. An effective human
resource strategy includes the way in which the organisation plans to develop its employees
and provide them suitable opportunities and better working conditions so that their optimal
contribution is ensured. This implies select best personnel, motivating and rewarding the
employees for performance, etc. HRM, it may be defined as the linking at HR Management
with strategic goals and objectives to improve business performance and develop
organisational culture that fosters innovation and flexibility. The success of an organisation
depends on its HR. This means how they are acquired, developed, motivated and retained
in an organisation play an important role in organisation success. And that is the reason
Google is ranked number 1 company to work for.
The HR management practices of an organisation include the following, pre-selection
practices include HR planning and job analysis. Selection practices are meant to staff
various positions in an organisation. Post-selection practices is to maintain and improve the
workers job performance levels. The areas where the HR Manager can play a strategic role
are as follows: Providing direction, the HRM must be able to lead people and the
organisation towards the desired direction involving people right from the beginning.
Creating Competitive atmosphere, the organisation can gain a competitive advantage

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