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CA IPCC, Formation Of Functional Strategy, Module 9

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Research and Development in this particular Module. These people or this personnel can
play an integral part in strategy implementation. These individuals are generally charged
with developing new products and improving old products. Companies in virtually every
industry are relying on the development of new products and services to fuel profitability
and growth. Surveys suggest that the most successful organisation use R & D strategy that
ties external opportunities to internal strengths. You will be shocked to hear Volkswagen
has spent 12 billion dollars in a year, right, on R &D. 12 billion Dollars in a year.
R & D policies can enhance strategic implementation efforts to emphasize product
improvements, stress basic or applied research, be leaders or followers in R & D, spend a
high, average or low amount on R & D. So even Samsung people spend a good amount of
money on Research and Development. The decisions on whether to acquire R & D expertise
internally depends on the following, technical progress slow plus market growth moderate
equals to in house R & D. Technical …..

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