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Hello students this is Monica your teacher and today we are going to do very adventures and an exciting chapter from the collection of short stories and poems chapter number 9 tiger in the tunnel by Ruskin bondnow let us first know author the Ruskin bond  is one of the most popular Anglo-Indian novelist and short story writer he was born in nineteen thirty-four at Kasoli in Himachal Pradesh he has received several awards for this beautiful writings he has written more than a hundred short stories novels essays and more than 30 books forchildren exclusively his writings usually revolve around the theme of nature animals life travel love and fun he presently lives at land or in mussoorie now let us know a little more by understanding the summary of this chapter it is a simple and touching story or tribal village family the sense of the story is captured in its simplicity and innocence it unwinds the story of Baldev. Who is a watch man and carry his night duty religiously it was a usual night when he was suddenly jolted  by some strange sound which he later recognizes his worst fate is knocking at the door the story leaves us gaping in suspense but in the end gives a sense of content it gives us a very valuable and beautiful message life has to go on and the living have to remain now moving ahead let us have alook at the character sketch of the two main characters of the storythe first one baldev he is the central character who is a simple poor man  andis living hand to mouth he’s a proud tribal man door and is an absent minded person he’s also brave encourages and sentimental and above all he is a loving Father now let us know about the second character which is tembu his son, the doting son, having profound sense of responsibility extremely brave encourages a loving son – and a truetribal boy now let us move on ahead to reading and comprehending this wonderful chapter tembu the boy opened his eyes in the dark and wondered if the father was ready to leave the hut on his nightly errands. Errands night duty so tembu will walkup wondering whether his father had left for his night duty and there was no moon that night and the Deathly stillness of the surrounding jungle was broken only occasionally by the shrill cry or for Sagada. Now deathly stillness frightening silence and Sagada is a big insect that makes a humming sound so itwas a no moon  night and the absolute scary silence of the jungle was only occasionally broken by the sound of Sagada further sometimes from far off came the holo hammering off of woodpecker  carried along on the faint breeze ,faint gentleso along with the gentle breeze one could hear the hammering sound of a woodpecker all the grant of a wild boar could be heard as he dug up a favorite truth but these sounds were rare and the silence of the forest always returned to swallow them up grant sound made by a pig and wild boar is a while pig  so the noise made by pigs could also be heard however all sounds were not really often heard to break the silence of the jungle Baldev the watch man was awake so Baldev whose tembus’s father was now a wake he stretched himself slowly unwinding the heavy shawl that covered him like shroud so he stretched and remove the shawl which was on him a shroud is acloth covering our dead body so you’re it was close on midnight and the chilly air made him shiver so the cold midnight air made Baldev shiver.

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