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Hello students to read the chapter which we are going to start will teach us about the aesthetics of European society we are leaving the Middle Ages behind and we are heading too words a modern age the beginning of the modern age was marked by a phenomenal historical event called as Renaissance so let’s begin with this chapter renaissance before we learn what is Renaissance will first understand the European society of the Middle Ages dear children medieval Europe between eight to13th century has been regarded to ask the dark ages this is because Europe was politically fragmented amongst the feudal lords. This feudal fragmentation halted the social and cultural progress in all the areas of life. the Catholic Church had resumed a great Authority and power ignorance blind faith and superstition was prevalent as learning and education became limited to the church dear children but very soon Europe will witness Renaissance by the end of 13th century let us understand what is meant by Renaissance. dear  children renaissance is basically a French would it means revival or rebirth this period of Renaissance was marked with revival of learning of the ancient Greek and Roman classics Renaissance resembles the freedom to think and act without being controlled by any external agency. dear  children by the word external Agency I mean the church the nobility or the Kings this transitional movement from the medieval ages to the modern times took place in between 14th century to 17th century in this period there was a great trust to art literature religion politics and science so dear children renaissance is a transition from darkness of Middle Ages to enlightenment of the modern era it was characterized by the spirit of inquiry scientific temper and the spirit of humanism it is believed that Renaissance began in Florence in Italy in 14th century and it lasted up to 17th century there are various causes of Renaissance these various causes could be understood under various  headings let us find out which are those reasons which led to this historical phenomenon in Europe we will learn about the causes of Renaissance under various headings these are the fall of Constantinople discovery of new trade routes decline of feudalism spread of Education Crusades or religious wars role of original thinkers invention of printing press and development of science. So children these are the most important reasons of Renaissance we will take up these reasons one by one. Let’s first understand the cause of Renaissance which is called as the decline or the fall of Constantinople. Dear children Constantinople was the capital of Eastern Roman Empire we know the city today as Istanbul. Constantinople was the center of Greek and Roman cultures but this city was captured by the Turks in 1453 A.D. Greeks and Romans scholars who stayed in Constantinople were forced to shift to Rome  and other parts of Europe while these Christian scholars fled they took away their manuscripts along with them. these genius men of liberal outlook spread their new ideas and spirits they revived the interest of Greek philosophy science art and literature this revival of learning paved the way to renaissance so dear children we can conclude that attack on Constantinople was a blessing in disguise dear children we must understand why did these Christian scholars flee to Italy and why not to any other place in Europe the reasons are very clear first of all Italy stood half way between Europe and the Middle East secondly Italy  was  surrounded by sea it had a natural advantage with the trade was concerned Italian cities not only became the Centers of trade but also the centers of culture and learning these Italian cities were Florence Venice Genoa Milan Rome  and papal States and the most important reason for these Christian scholars to come to Italy was that pope resided in Italy those days.

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