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Now friends and let us talk about the Interesting phenomenon termed as parturition or childbirth  so first of all we see parturition  also means childbirth The full term of the development of an In embryo  in the uterus  is called as  gestation Now in humans  it lasts For about 280 days As we already know And at the time of birth The baby is pushed out Why the powerful contraction Of the muscles Of the uterus And these powerful contractions Of the muscles of the uterus  are caused due to a  hormone That is Oxytocin Which is released by the Posterior Lobe of the Pituitary gland and when the child is coming out It is giving out its head first So whenever the child is getting born The first stage which occurs  is the head Stage During which the head of the baby Is given out  through the vagina Now after this we see friends That in a few minutes When the baby is taken out The blood vessels in the Umbilical cord Will be getting shrunken and when the blood vessels Get shrunk they can be tied and cut After about 15 minutes The placenta brakes from the Uterus And is expelled out As after birth Uterus contracts and gradually comes back to normal  in a few days  now the new one  which is born Will be announcing Its arrival by letting out a sharp cry And this cry of the baby Is nature’s cleansing process The clearing process Of the baby’s Respiratory Passage Now friends after this We shall be taking a look At a very beautiful video Which will be making it more clear About the process of childbirth or vaginal birth Thank you so much Let us look at the video first Before we end up with this module during a normal vaginal childbirth the first stage of labour last for about 12 hours to 19 hours and it starts when the baby settles lower in the pelvis in response the cervix begins to face or become thinner and dilate all widen then the amniotic sac ruptures giving out a mucoid fluid the cervix dilation is brought about due to a hormone termed as relaxin which is released by the placenta disc the cervix fully dilates and the baby’s head moves towards the opening of the cervix ya when the baby’s head is moving out of the cervix the upper half of the uterus actively contracts and for this contraction we have a hormone responsible which is Oxytocin this hormone is released by the posterior pituitary gland which is also known as neurohypofisys the lower half of the uterus remains relaxed to push the baby outwards in a normal virginal birth the head of the baby moves outwards first thus it is the head first stage so head moves out through the vagina which is also known as the birth canal once the head moves out completely the body moves out by passing the shoulders one by one once the baby is out after a few minutes the umbilical cord is cut and due to further contractions of the uterus the placenta which is there is given out of the uterus as an after birth thus completing the childbirth once the child is out the child gives out its first cry this cry as we know is very much necessary for the opening of the respiratory passages of the child thank you.

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