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in this module we will learn about another course of the Second World War and that is the policy of appeasement these students the word appease literally means to pacify or two please  it was this time when the world economies were groaning under the destruction of the First World War and countries like Britain and France are leaders of league of nations were busy solving their own economic problems hence they did not want the second world war at any cost from may 1937 to September 1939 when the world war two broke out the policy of appeasement was given shape by British premier or Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain this policy means exceeding too hostile  demands in order to gain peace policy of conciliating with an aggressive power at the cost of some other country is what appeasement means acceptance to undo threatening demands of germany in order to avoid war is  what England and France were doing rather than taking a strict action against the German dictator adolf hitler they allowed Hitler to grow that is why Hitler openly flouted the clauses of treaty of vestals there are two main reasons as to why Britain and France  follow the policy of appeasement towards Hitler first they believed that the treaty of Versailles had been to Syria for the defeated powers especially Germany second they thought that if genuine grievances of Germany were removed she would be satisfied and would do nothing to disturb the peace of the World they also felt that the strength of Hitler and Mussolini late in their ability to exploit the National grievances in their respective countries once these grievances are removed the two dictators would lose their appeal and the power could be reduced  therefore they agreed to transfer the Sudetenland  to Germany at the Munich  conference which was held in 1938 they also did nothing when Germany began to rearm in complete violation of the terms of treaty of Versailles Britain and France were mistaken in their assessments   when they give reasonable concessions to germany in actuality Hitler was taking an advantage of the modesty that for shown towards him Hitler’s demands grew shockingly excessive aiming at European mastery if not world conquest the policy of appeasement greatly emboldened Germany Italy and Japan who plunged the world into another destructive war England and France followed this policy but yet another intention they followed this policy towards dictators to create a bulwark against  Soviet Union and check the rising tide of communism   this is to be understood that Hitler was a staunch anti-communist whereas joseph Stalin was a hardline communist leader of Soviet Russia England and France had anticipated that if these two dictators fight against each other they would be mutually destroyed and hence in order to stop communism in this world they felt that they should empower Adolf Hitler Britain France the leaders of league of nations had a pastel dictators like Germany Italy and Japan in order to prevent the growth of communist USSR in Europe and communist china in Asia they had allowed the dictators to rearm because these dictators had signed and Auntie commented packed called as the Berlin room Tokyo axis . Dear student  it is this Berlin Rome Tokyo axis which led to a second world war and hence the anticipation of Britain and France were proved wrong.

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