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Hello scholars today we’ll be learning the next chapter in economics which is central banking in this module that is understand the meaning and definition of central bank students are national bank the reserve bank of India was established way back in nineteen thirty-five it was established during the British’s rules it was a private bank being a private bank it land funds to big industrialists and a light section of the society agriculture which was the main occupation of the country was continuously starved of funds it is for this reason that the government took over the ownership and control of RBI on the first of January 1949. students let us understand the  meaning of central bank in detail central bank is the supreme monetary institution at the apex of the monetary and banking structure of a country it is the leader of the money market now what do you mean by money market money market is the market for short-term instruments like Treasury bills commercial bills extra students the RBI all the central bank controls regulates and supervises the activities of commercial banks it is the leader of money market as such controls regulates and supervises the activities of commercial banks Mr raghuram Rajan is the present RBI governor of our country students de Kock defined central bank as a bank which constitutes the effects of the monetary and the banking structure of the country.

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