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Hello students today we will be doing the sixth chapter of commercial studies  which is sales and selling process in this module will be doing the introduction to this chapter  understanding the concept of sales and also learning the distinction between marketing and selling.selling is the heart of marketing it is a very important function of marketing  it is because of this function that the firm continues to exist . let us now understand the concept of sales selling is largely and art as the effectiveness of selling depends on the competence and behavior of the salesperson if this is person is competent enough in convincing the customer by telling the features of the product like here the sales person is telling the features of the mobile phone to the consumer that the mobile phone has 2.7 gigahertz processor 2gb RAM 32gb storage and it is only worth rupes7,000 then he will succeed in  selling the product and transferring the ownership of the product to the consumer selling is a process of finding customers and transferring goods to them for value. selling direct the flow of goods and services from the producers to the consumers. it involves  the following activities first identifying all locating buyer, second finding out their needs and preferences third inducing them to buy forth negotiating terms of sale and fifth transferring ownershipand possession of goods for money. selling is a product oriented concept let us understand why the main focus of selling is the product to be sold it begins after production and ends when the ownership is transferred to the buyer of the product for a value let us now understand the distinction between marketing and selling. the first basis of distinction is meaning marketing means identifying and satisfying wants of the customers whereas selling means exchanging goods for money second basis is objective the main objective of marketing is ensuring growth and stability of the firms which is the long-term goals whereas the main objective of selling is maximizing profits by increasing the sales volume which is their short-term goals the third  basis is orientation marketing is custom oriented which means you’re the seller has to be where they’re as selling is production-oriented which the seller has to be where.where as selling is production-oriented which means you’re the buyer has to where. the fourth basis is scope marketing is wider in scope as it includes selling where as selling is a narrow concept as it is a part of marketing beginning and end which is the fifth basis marketing begins before production and continues even after sales where as selling begins after production and ends with the sale of the product the sixth  basis is  focus the focus of marketing is external on the customers needs the focus of selling is internal on the seller’s needs the seventh basis demand marketing involves  creation and maintenance of demand on where as selling  presupposes the existence of demand in the market.the eight basis growth marketing is new and modern concept we’re selling is old and traditional concept the ninth bases this approachmarketing has an integrated approach for achieving long-term goals of the firm where as  selling has fragmented approach which means it focuses on immediate gains the tenth basis is process marketing is a process of converting customer needs into products and services where selling is a process of converting products and services into cash. the eleventh  and the final basis of distinction its nature of activity marketing involves philosophy and attitude we’re selling is routine and tactical

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