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Students now we will start our first news item and it is regarding a girl , a brave girl who fought for her rights and then also reserved for national bravery  award. Let’s look at the story Asu kanwar from dechu village in Jodhpur, Rajasthan a very small village right. Aim Rajasthan, the village elders and caste leaders were putting undue pressure on her father to marry her to a 35 year old man who had some physical disability okay. This was a case were the village elders and caste leaders who putting undue, (undue means unwanted more than necessary pressure on the father why? Because they wanted the girl marry to 35 year old man want some physical disability that is areally cruel part of religious. And Asu was just 14 years old at that time. So almost the gap of 21 years. she took her mother into confidence. And luckly her mother supported her. You know she lodged her complaint, and refused to give in. she lodged that means she file a complaint against them. Then the women welfare department came to her rescue. Rescue is to help out of a dangerous situation. Yes this welfare department for women relly helpful out. So students when everybody putting undue pressure on father, your the story of brave girl Asu Kanwar who fought against social evil of child marriage when she was just 14 years old. So this was like one brave courage example   on her part. Then what is she do Asu kanwar just 14 years old she took her mother support. She lodged a complaint against all of them with the support of her mother Asu lodged a complaint as she refused to give up in front of the cruel villager. And that’s how she succeeded, students this is one brave story in acknowledgement of her bravery  the government gave her the national bravery  award because she try to fight against the social evil of  child marriage .

Ok now then look at next story it is about hina qureishi was another girl from Rajasthan on 23rd june 2008 , on the outskirts of the village lamba hari singh in tonk district the sister kirti, preeti  and their friend s gulsafa were playing near  the river. Outskirt means area at the edge of a town or city. So they were playing near the river they fell in the river and started drowning. Drowning means sinking in water. This is happened with them and then hina spotted them. This girl hina maybe probly  near by spotted this people the group of people started drowning . hina was younger than them. What issued to do here .Without any hesitation hina plunged into the river. Hesitation means pause briefly without stopping without pausing hina just plunged. Plunged means to dive , to jumped into the river so then what happened let see. Hina managed to pull them out of the river and district police and zilla parishad felicitated her , and suggest her name for national bravery award. Felicitated means to honour to congratulate her they suggest her name yes for the national bravery award. so yes we understood the story when the tong family along with friends near the river  what happened hari singh was playing near the river outskirt the village then hina spotted them. Due to mishap they fell in the river but there was the girl who really spotted her and manage to pull them out though hina was younger than them without thinking about her own life she showed bravery and went to save all of  them  and even succeeded in saving all their lives . Yet another story of bravery of hina qureishi who did not think about herself and jumped in the river to save lives of others this is the story of hina qureishi  who was brave enough  to get national bravery award

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