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Masami , continuing with LES ARTICLES . we already finished definis , indefinis contracte and now we to les articles partitifs . imagine this is a noun and I used to article before the noun I used the definis articles LA or LAA or LE if the noun is explore. But I don’t express the entire the noun only express the part of this noun  what will I used I shall used partitive articles . becoz the partitive article means a part of something. So my friends today I am get you through The amazing partitive articles . lets have a look at what exactly are this partitives articles and they are formed in French . they are correspond either some or any in English that’s one. And they are formed adding ‘de’ to the definis articles. Exactly what we did lesatic contracte . so masculine singular ‘de+le=du’ du lait(some milk). For feminine singular’ de+la no contraction  de la’ example da la viande(some meat). For noun beginning with a vowel or h mute in the singular de l’for example de l’eau(some water) and then finally for masculine/feminine plural the contaction des ambrow for example some trees . now my friends I want to remember this The partitive article is genrally used fpr food beverages. This the frenchies partitive articles for Les articles defined. Genrally avery  famous way to remember partitive articles less than one ,partitive article more than one artic undefined. That is way to concern. Lets move on to DE1 there are 3 cases which are formely named as DE1, DE2, DE3 cases were we used DE instead of  the contraction give or da la or da l’ or contraction de. Sometimes  even in indefinis article included. for example  De1 says you can call by other name De1, De2, De3, de1 says immediately after negative , the direct object indefinis and partitive articles changes to de/d. expect after for etra after negative . now immediately after negative we know that . direct object how does run fined direct object in a sentence , noun directly after the verb. Ask whom or what after the verb . indefinis partitive article changes to de or de l’ . in indefinis partitive article . yes in the affirmative if I have this and they are telling about the noun which is the direct object then in the negative I shall not use un, une, du,de l’ I shall use de d’ as the case may be. Lets check some fantastic example  Je mange une pomme . je ne mange pas negative . u can see direct object in definis particle une  de pomme. Nous achetons des chocolats. Nous n’achetons pas negative. U can see direct object des so the coming da  but C’est une pomme you can see direct object une bt ecpect for etra there for Ce n’est pas une pomme and ce sont  des chocolats you can see again etra so   Ce ne  sont pas das chocolats . now my friends I want to remember a very important thing with this example please look nous voyons les garcons make it negative nous ne voyons pas le garcons  . look at that list un, une , du de l’, de la , des all change into the de, d’ definis articlies doesnot change . we will back de2, de3 in next module.

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