State Board English Std VIII General Science Electric Current Demo Videos

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Hello students, today we are going to start with a new chapter of science that is electric current. We all cannot imagine a life without electric current. So let see what do you mean by the word current? Does it mean shock, no it doesn’t. Current means flow. When water flows one place to another it is called water current. When winds flow from one place to another it is called wind current. When news flow from one person to another it is called current news. So electric current is the flow of electrons in a conductor. Lets  understand different types of  charges. Charges are of two types. First charges in motion and second charges at rest. When charges remain still it is called static electricity. Static means at rest or not in motion. When charges are made to move it is called as current electricity. Let’s study flows of charges. What makes the charge flow to understand the concept lets perform a simple experiment. Take 2 beakers i.e.  we take a two beakers beakers A and beakers B  second step place beaker A at a higher level and B at a lower level.  Third step connect the two beakers with the help of bent tube. Fourth step place a stop cork to control the flow of water. Fifth step pour water in both the beakers. Sixth step switch on the stop cork student what will you observe? Water flows from which beaker to which beaker??? Yes water flows from beaker A to beaker B i.e. higher level to lower level . in this picture money is donated from which person to which person we all can see money is donated from rich to poor i.e. again higher  to lower so were we have a cell . a cell has 2 terminals , it has positive terminals and a negative terminal now terminal means starting or ending point. Let’s assign some values to the positive and negative terminals. Suppose positive terminal is +1 and negative terminals is -1 . students we all know that +1 is bigger number and -1 is smaller number so we say that positive terminal is at higher electric potential and negative terminal is at lower electric potential . Potential means level so current flows from higher level to lower level i.e. from higher electric potential to lower electric potential. Students remember this current always flows from positive to negative, higher to lower.

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