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Hello students, this is Seema here, your English teacher and now that the exams around the corner I know that there are lot of questions specially with respect to English but don’t worry with this lecture that I am going to present to you, you will be finding the English paper very very simple so let’s start with the English guidance lecture. Now when it comes to english I now there are various aspect that we have to study and there are lot of things that you need to know and you wonder how you going to overcome all those but you can see there if you can believe you can achieve. So if you believe you can do it you can do well in English you will surely achieve that goal so when it comes to English what are the various aspect that we have look at we have prose we have poetry we have rapid reading and we have grammer along with writing skills. Now the question is, how do I go about the studying? And how do I attempt the paper? is what you would want to know, so let us take a look at this guidance lecture and we are going to divided into three aspects,

1) Paper pattern and time management.

2) We are gone to look at the detailed approach towards each sections of the paper that is (prose, poetry, rapid reading).

3) Details approach towards each section will continue where we will talk about writing skills, so this is how we are going to cover entire English paper.

Let’s start with paper pattern and time management, now we now that the English paper is going to be for 80 marks, the written paper is going to be for 80 marks and time would be 3 hours, students we will target finishing it in 2 hours 45 minutes. 15 minutes have to kept as buffer time because you will given the paper then you would want to string to tie then you would want to supplement you have to sign and all that takes time and also need to check the paper once it is over so we are going to target finishing the paper in 2 hours 45 minutes, let’s see how we going to do that section one you can see here we are talking about question we are talking about the marks and the time that is required section one reading skill vocabulary grammar now this deals with prose passages and first you will be having two seen prose passages and the marks would be 10 per passage so into two will make it twenty marks and the timing would be 15 minutes per passage so in 30 minutes you should be completing the two seen prose passages students don’t worry you will be able to do it when you see further the breakup distributions of the marks you will realize is going to be easily done in 15 minutes provided you have read your lessons well in it once.

Now two seen prose passages these are going to be from your text book you know that there are 8 units of prose and every units has either two or three lessons any of these lessons would be asked in any passage from the lesson there is no choice you have to answer the both the next questions would be two unseen prose passages again the same marking scheme that is 10 marks two passages 20 marks total and we are going to take 15 minutes per passage 30 minutes again. So in one hour time you will finish writing the four prose passage two seen and two would be unseen.

Section 2 deals with poetry here is going to be only seen poetry ok, so you are going be asked in question no.3 two seen poems and each poem will have wait age of 5 marks two poems therefore 10 marks in all and time taken would be 10 minutes per poetry passage and total would be 20 minutes.

Next section 3 Rapid reading so you would be asked one passage, you have three rapid reading lessons you would be asked one passage, 5 marks for the passage and you will again take only 10 minutes. So here this first part 55 marks, will required 1 hour 30 minutes.

Now we go on to the next section very -very important the Writing Skills section. i.e. section 4 now here questions number 5 would have two parts to it, 5A- would will be letter writing either formal or informal any one of it again the marks would be 5 and time required would be 15 minutes. Then we have question 5(b) Report Writing or dialogue there is choice there you will write any one will be for 5 marks and 15 minutes, then we move on to Question 6, 6(a) could be information transfer and you have a choice between non-verbal to verbal and verbal to non-verbal will see what it is till later when we deal with writing skill section in detail you to answer to any one and again it for 5 marks and you will require 15 minutes.

Question 6(b) Speech Writing view and counter-view any one of the two now this is something new view and counter-view we gone to talk about it later 5 marks again and 15 minutes.

And finally Question no. 7. Expansion of Idea Or developing a story any one which is again 5 marks and you would required 15 minutes so this section would be requiring 1 hours 15 minutes and the marks would be 25.

So students let’s take a look at break-up again passages 1 hours 30 minutes, which means the seen passages and the unseen passages two each, two seen poems and one R-R passage then the writing skills 1 hours 15 minutes the paper checking time as I said 15 minutes should be buffer time you should finish the paper in 2 hours 45 minutes so you could utilize these 15 minutes to check your paper in case there is something remaining you can actually completed in these 15 minutes so that how you finish your English paper in 3 hours.

Now let us take a look at the details approach towards each section so first we will look at seen passage there going to be two passage 10 marks each 20 marks total. Let see at the questions here:-

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