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This is Bahramis here & today I am going to take you through the guidance lecture in French. My dear friends when you are about to start writing your paper, you should be completely prepared with these points.

1) The Content (absolutely)

2) The Paper Pattern (you should know it so that you know what is in store for you)

3) The Paper presentation tips (my dear friends believe me in today’s world presentation is as important at sometimes I dare to say even more important than content & finally 4…my dear friends.

4) Robomate Rocks

This is a special section I have included in this guidance lecture. At all time I shall show you how you could score 40/40 in your French paper with the help of Robomate. The videos that are there, the concepts that have been explained so my dear friends lets go on with this, of course you will have a question, Sir, all other teachers talk about time management, you know it as well as I Do,” Time management is not necessary for your French paper.”It’s an easy paper it gets over very quickly. More than time management it is content management, it is paper presentation, It’s knowing the pattern & its knowing how to revise the content again & again so that we are absolutely error free in our paper.

So my dear friends here we go. let us look at the way the marks have been allocated in French, have a look…

1) Repondez general questions 5 marks

2) Grammar 15 marks

3) Vocabulary 5 marks

So if you take grammar & vocabulary, that is an entire chunk of your marks & unseen comprehension 4) Lisez ET Repondez 5 marks

5) Writing Skills which could be a choice between the letter the agenda, the essay you must know these three perfectly well whatever the choice you can do these & finally

6) Traduisez En Anglais, translate from French to English, a small unseen passage. Sir,” Don’t we have translation from English to French”. No, we don’t have it. This is the 10th standard French composite & we don’t have translation from English to French & we have translation only from French to English.

Now let’s look at the Paper the Sort of questions you can expect in it.

First question

1) Repondez en francais par des phrases comple’tes a CINQ des questions suivantes, you have a choice 7 questions, general questions based on your text & based on the 8th & 9th general text that you have. These questions could be asked to you. Now my dear friends you should be very very well prepared with the textual questions. Let’s move on

2) The grammar 15 marks question, let us see the type of questions & these are as per the sample board paper which has been uploaded on the official site of the Maharashtra state education board. Yes,

a) Fill in the blanks with verb, a choice of 4 out of a possible 5

b) Make it plural 1 mark

c) Change the gender 1 mark

d) Change it to interrogative sentences 2 out of 1

e) You have a choice & you have to do any 2

f) Do as Directed, my dear friends & you will have 8 from which you have to do ANY 6. Moving on to the Comprehension the unseen comprehension but before that you have

3) 5 marks for Vocabulary section

& than in that you have

i) Match the following

ii) Complete or fill in the blanks

You may have

iii) Opposites or synonymous

4) 5 Marks for unseen comprehension, where four questions are simple factual question & one question could be a true or false question

5) Coming towards the fag end of the paper, you have Agenda Vs letter Vs Essay for 5 marks & finally

6) Translation from French to English for 5 marks

So my dear friends this is the paper, I know you will say, Sir Yes we know this. Now What I am going to do is, take you to how to score 40 on 40 in this paper.

Let’s look at everything once again, General question, Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension, letter, Essay, Agenda & Dialogue. Here we are.

Sir you haven’t spoken about the French to English translation, my dear friends if u just look at all these components of the French paper , you will realize a very important fact, that is if your grammar is wow, if your vocabulary is rocking, if you know your general questions, I mean the answers to them. I assure you, you don’t need to know anything else. In essay, letter, agenda, all that you need to know is the format. Where to write the date, how to sign off, all those things, Right?

So let’s start let’s take a sample paper. A 40 marks paper, as the same sample that you could expect in your board exams. Here we go, let’s start. The first question general question & here you have 7 questions on your screen. You have to answer any I am going ahead you will also see the paper presentation, so my dear friends let’s look at the 1st question……. & my dear friend we all know this answer is in the very first chapter. Right! He is the famous French author or writer.

Look at the next question….. Again the answer straight away from your text & we know it is ….the third question…… & name any two activities is what you have been asked. My dear friends you know. This is again a general question but based on your text…….right! In the 9th standard you are project to a… remember we have done all this things, of course. I have given a very simple answer to you, swimming & shopping. Wow! Who wouldn’t want to do that? Question number 4, which are the specialties of…..fantastic! We already know…right? That the snails are the specialties of…. We had this my dear friends in your10th standard… your text book … & I think no I am sure. Moving on what’s the efa? This is your chapter 4 in your 10th standard. Going to question number 6) what do the French eat at lunch? This is there in your 9 standard this is again there in 10 standard so again textual questions but of course it’s a general question based on the text & finally which is the world capital for perfumes? This is from your chapter 2 in the 10th standard book. so can you see all the answers are to your questions which have come from your text books

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