MH, Std-10, Guidance Lecture, Geography and Economics

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Good day kids,

My name is Pravin shinoy and I teach Geography and Economics. I hope by now, in a school the question of geography and economics its over, so right now you are busy in paper for your board exams for geography and economics and obviously you might be have a several questions “की पेपर में कोश्चन कोनसे आएंगे, कितने मार्क्स के आएंगे और कितने टाइम में कम्प्लीट करना है”. So let’s begin with the guidance lecture of geography and economics and the very first one is going to be the paper pattern along with the time management.

To begin with we all know geography and economics is going to be a 40 marks paper. In this 40 marks paper 28 marks is reserved for geography and 12 marks is for economics. 28 marks geography “ke liye” you have 4 questions and 12 marks economics “ke liye” you have 3 questions.

So let’s began with the geography paper pattern and that is going to be question no. 1 having two sub-question A and B and both A and B are called as the objectives. Well in A is called as Fill in the Blanks choosing the correct alternatives wherein every blank “ke liye” you will be having at least 4 options. Out of 4 options one will be the right option pick-up the right option and write the answer unlike the blank properly. For example, let’s see the question is dash(—) river flows in the south western part of the bagha region. In front of you, you can see the options also let’s see we picked-up the answer as Sabarmati and we wrote the answer as Sabarmati we know Sabarmati is a wrong answer the correct answer is river-loni. We felt the answer is wrong now what to do rather than cancelling only the blank put a strike mark to the entire sentence and re-write the entire answer once again with the correct blank. This is the way you have going to attempt the fill in the blanks of geography which will give you 3 marks 3 questions and the approximate time to solve these questions is five minutes going on towards next question and this next question is called as question no. 1B called as match the columns again just like a fill in the blanks match the columns also is for 3 marks and the time is 5 minutes. In front of the name column A that is the question you will writing the name B that is the answer in the following format you can see on the slide that means I can say both 1A and 1B are called as a objectives that is 6 marks which will give you nearly 10 minutes going on towards next questions and this next question is called as the short answers of the geography having 2 sub-questions again that is question no. 2 wherein A is called as give geographic reasons and B is called as write short note. In the give reasons you need to make a choice of any two and in short notes you also make a choice of any two. Any two out of how many, any two out of three. So in simply terms I can say give reason will be any two out of three, short notes any two out of any three. 2 marks each answer’s that’s mean give reasons will be for 4 marks and short notes will be the 4 marks. 6minutes for each answer that means for give reasons 12 minutes and 12 minutes for short-notes in simply terms both the short answers I can say we nearly have 24 minutes in our hand every answer carry 2 marks that means half marks is given for each point that means for 2 marks we need to write at least 4 points.

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